A little snacking Hanoi style

As you walk around the town you can find snacks to munch on as you walk or sit down and eat. Over a couple of days we tasted some of the treats (some not a treat) that are available.

First up some fried cheese; not much is expected in a mostly non-cheese eating country.

Greasy and nearly flavourless

Now get some stronger cheese and a bit more spice; this would be a good snack. We could do it but I would use a better cheese and dip.

Next ice cream, a maybe secret location (not many tourists) that is filled with Vietnamese people enjoying a treat that has been in Hanoi since 1958    Google site: Kem    Their website: Kem Trang Tien.

Loved the ice cream, the rice ice cream bar was great, texture and favour was unique. I did not take photos of the ice cream as it just looked like ice cream.

Drive in too

The list of ice cream bars

They have good coconut flavoured cones too

Thirdly we had a couple of snack stops while visiting a clay village (produce things from clay).

The muddurn facilities
They look better than taste, but I have had better ones here
Ground Cassava root with coconut (good but dry)

Rice rolls (needed more fish sauce)
This lady was frying up sweet treats
A bit oily but nice to try one
Here a corn fritter and a banana one

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