One day, two great meals

When in a great city you can always find great food; Hanoi is one of those cities that has great food around just about every corner. You walk around until you spot something your want to eat (signs up every every where), you sit down and enjoy. Of course some places sitting is difficult as the chairs are kid size and western butts barely fit them. You have to half squat to get down to them, then hope they hold your weight.

The first place we went was Lẩu Nhất Hà – 4C Cấm Chỉ 

View from the outside
The Pho was missing the spicing that you find in the south but it was a good  bowl of soup

Good Vietnamese style fried rice 

The modern kitchen was across the street
Much like the rest of Hanoi, there are a lot of birds in cages

Next up for dinner Com Que one of my favorite places that I go to every time I am in Hanoi. It is a small grubby place with great food, a perfect Hanoi hole in the wall restaurant. Never disappoints my expectations and it is located in a great spot where you can watch the river of people walk by. This place is you pre-cooked food on display restaurant were there is a great selection all day long.

The fancy place 
All the food on display, notice the microwave for reheating

Pork and eggs done in coconut juice (great)

Bamboo and pork stir fry (ok)

Squid in a tomato based sauce (Good)

Ground pork wrapped in a leaf and grilled (yummy)
Tuna in a tomato sauce (good)


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