The true North…strong and freezing

Have been without internet connection (gasp) for a few days and I have a lot of updating to do but I thought I would first publish a entry about a place we went to last night in Hanoi; it is special as we have been out in the countryside about two hours away from Hanoi for a few days with family. It was nice to go into town and  see some of the sights and eat some fancy city food.

Just a low quality snap for address
The place we went was Quán Cơm Niêu Tố Uyên  a small ready made food restaurant where the food is ready at the front of the place for you to choose what to eat. 

The food looked great right from the start and made selection difficult.

Tasted as good as they look
Pork ribs always a winner

Just two levels of what they had

The prawns were crispy with a moist slightly sweet interior and of course they had the heads attached.

So pink and tasty

Veggy with egg and soya sauce dip

Those rib

We eat this simple dish at home a lot as it is quick and tasty. Boil a veg, take a boiled egg and mash in maggi (brand name) to dip the veggy. You can add hot peppers for extra punch and taste.

Those ribs were similar to the Peking style ribs found in Vancouver Chinese restaurants but they had a extra dimension a bit of a fruitiness that was not citrus. A bit chewy, that is normal for here but big flavour that makes this dish a winner for me.

The prawns showing the heads

Rice done in a clay bowl

 Again a big flavour in these prawns;and they cane with a sweet chili dip that was very good. I do not eat the heads so my wife enjoyed mine as I enjoyed the tail.

Rice done this way is a bit drier but has more flavour. A special treat for some is that the inside surface becomes encrusted with crispy rice that has even more flavour.

Last but not least was the chicken; again very tasty with a crunchy skin and moist meat. Came with a dill and lime dip. Great dish.

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