Where Vietnam beats the McMeal

Go anywhere at lunch time and you can find a small hole in the wall restaurant serving precooked dishes that are the ultimate in fast food. Quick and tasty is the trade mark of a busy small restaurant as to not meet that requirement is to perish as there is competition all around. We walked about 5 minutes from our hotel to find a great place to eat.


From the outside it is not much to look at and the inside not much different but as we were here for the food not the ambiance it was OK. The food is pre-cooked then placed in a glass case at the front for the customer to see before they buy. No whimpy  re-fridgation or four hour hold time; this food sits in the heat of the day until sold. Totally unsafe and so delicious it is worth the investment in anti-diarrhea meds just in case. I have to say I have been very lucky eating at these places and have profited from the risk. 

Like a small Scotch egg

I find I want to try everything that I see in the display but know it will be impossible as the food is filling. We order the items we want and they come on a plate of rice. A bowl of soup comes with the order along with any sauces that are needed. Digging in is always a delight as we get to taste the particular flavors of the cook. The place was a good one with a talented cook making tasty favorites.

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