Four weddings and no funerals

Part of trip is about family and hounoring the connections that are so important to Vietnamese culture. We came to Ho Chi Minh first this trip to attend a family wedding and to see the various extended family that remains very close even across the devide that separates us from them in Canada. Of course my eye is always on the food and cultural experince that occasions like this provide an outsider like me.


      The main dish was Bo Kho (sp?) which I did not capture but did eat


 First to the name of the post, it is a take on the movie of a simular name as the church wedding was a bit different than I am use to and of course there was not furneral. At the church it was a bit of an assembly line with four weddings being done in one shot. No single spot light here for the bride, there was three other brides doing the same thing at the same time. Kind of “I do” repeated eight times in a row with wedding handers, photographers, videographers, witnesses and priest crowded into the event. I tried to take a few photos but it was a confusing scene of movement and action to get all the weddings done.


My reason for the post was to show some of the food we had after the event back at the house; catered for the event and brought to the home to eat.



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