Tet 2003 in the village

    Tet is a very important celebration in Vietnam; a combination of Christmas and New Years eve in which the country basically stops to participate with family and friends. It is celebrated at the lunar new year and lasts about 10 days. People travel back to their family villages to prepare and enjoy the holiday. I will focus on the making of the rice cakes that my wifes’ family makes for the holiday. The whole family takes time to prepare the rice cakes that will be eaten over the last days of the holiday.

Most are savory but there are sweet ones too

Most being made here were savory with pork and mung bean

I love them fried a few days later, crispy

Had to add Tet decorations in the home

Sister-in-law did a lot of the flower
A meal we had at a relatives house, very good
Year of the Pig

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