Party in the family village 2002

Prepared food ready to serve
In any real discussion of Vietnamese cooking it is good to remember that most of the Vietnamese start out like any North American, by eating the food of his people / family. It is a special treat to be able to taste the cooking of the average Vietnamese family. I have the privilage of being married to a Vietnamese wife, as such I get to taste the simple but very tasty food found in their family home.
The chopping of the meat on a old door

Cooking the pork skewers, very tasty
Back in 2002 we had a reception in my wifes’ family home in Northern Vietnam in a provice near Ha Noi. Not a large party but it had 600 hundred people over two and a half days. It went late into the night and started up a few hours after. The cooking was done by relatives and they cooked constantly as people just kept on comming. It was loud and it seemed all of Vietnam was invited.
Modern kitchen appliance?

Making some tea

Modern kitchen on the septic tank


The pork was marinated and the fat left on to keep it juicy. The taste was so good a simple tasty preparation and a cooking over a open fire; made for a delicious crispy meat. I could eat it for days. I often did as they would cook extra for eating later. In 2002 the family did not have refrigeration so the meat was hung up until it was reheated for eating the next day.

Preparing for the feast, in their version of a sink

Pounding spice

Chopping all the meat

Pork reading to be cooked

cooking something good

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