We have found our Hue (pronounced way)

I have been looking forward to traveling to the ancient capital Hue to experience the food and sights that are only found in this beautiful city. Of course we first experienced the food, of course :).


First order of business after getting to the hotel was a stop at a nearby vendor for a Vietnamese treat called che (ja). I have many types of che in the past but this was a new one for me to taste. The contents were great, tapioca coated coconut natal, sweetened red and yellow beans, roasted peanuts, coconut cream and sweetened tapioca flour paste. The best part of the whole drink was the toasted coconut on the top of the drink. The toasted coconut gave the drink a special crunch and added a lot of taste. The coconut gave an added texture not found in most other Che I have tasted and as it was toasted it stayed crunchy to the end. I will have to try making this toasted coconut for our drinks.

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