Các Món Đc Bit - Specialty Soups


Take a tasty tour of Vietnam with our specialty soups
Bun Bo Hue

35. Bún Bò Huế  Spicy beef soup, with sliced beef shank, pork balls, Vietnamese ham, seasoned pork roll and cooked pork blood with large round rice noodle   順化豬手懶粉 (Hue)

You tell us how spicy you want the soup we start it at mild

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A word on a few of our ingredients common to a few soups on this page.

The sautéed tomato is made by us to add a tangy taste of tomatoes to the soup.

The caramelized shallots are made by us at the restaurant.

We roast our own peanuts so they have the exact flavour we are looking for to add the right taste to our food. 
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36. Bún ch Crispy fish patty soup, with caramelized shallots, sautéed tomato, Vietnamese water celery and large round rice noodles   炸魚片湯粉 (Hanoi)  
A detailed description can be found here

Chrispy prawn and Fish patty soup




37. Phở đo bien Seafood soup made with seafood (fish ball, tiger prawn, squid and artificial crab) with caramelized shallots  
38. Ph  Chicken soup, with tender sliced chicken breast and pho rice noodles 
 雞湯粉 (various areas)   For a more detailed description click here

Chicken soup

Probably not a cure for the common cold but it is a cure for the common hunger :)

39. H tíu sátế Wet noodle beef satay with roasted peanuts, lemon grass, ground dried shrimp pho rice noodle and bean sprouts   沙嗲粉
 (My Tho) For a more detailed description click here


40. H tíu đc bit (khô hoc nưc)  Seafood
(fish ball, prawn, squid and artificial crab) with seasoned pork roll,
noodle bowl with or without soup broth. 粿 ( ) (My Tho)

Noodle bowl This soup? can be eaten without the broth or you can pour it in to make it an actual soup. I like to eat it without and then add the broth towards the end.
Pork soup

41. Bún mc Special pork soup: with our freshly made pork balls, Vietnamese ham, caramelized shallots, with small rice noodle.   越式什錦扎肉粉  (Hanoi)

The pork balls make this soup so good and they are made fresh. They have cloud fungus (mushroom) that lend a crunch to the pork ball.
42. Miến gà  Chicken breast with sweet potatoes noodle soup with cloud mushrooms, caramelized onions, green onions, yellow onions and cilantro   粉絲雞()

New chicken soup

If you like chicken soup and you have tried our Pho Ga then try this exciting variation.
Beef stew

43. Bánh mì,ph hoc cơm bò kho   Fragrant beef stew with carrots with a choice of rice or pho noodle  
(配白飯,粉或麵包 (Saigon)

This a traditional style of this stew where the scent of lemongrass, ginger, chili, star anise, cinnamon, cloves and fresh basil are prominent.
Snail soup

44. Bún c  Snail and crispy tofu soup, with caramelized shallots, Vietnamese perilla herb, sautéed tomatoes and large round rice noodle in soup 田螺湯粉  (Hanoi)

Actually snail taste great, especially after we cook them in a mixture of herbs and spices. Rather than being tough, the snails are softer than you would expect. This will quickly become one of your favorites.
Mekong Delta soup

45. Bún mm  Mekong Delta soup made with basa fish steak, tiger prawns, squid, seasoned pork, eggplant, Vietnamese chives, thick round rice noodle with fermented fish paste  
越式咸魚湯粉 $7.50 large only              (Mekong delta)

We call it Mekong Delta soup as the dish originates from Soc Trang Province in Vietnam's Mekong Delta.
This a strong tasting soup made with fermented prawn paste as such it is for the adventurous eater that is willing to risk a serious addition to this stinky soup.

If you like the strong taste of the fermented prawn, ask for extra to be put in.
46. Bun Rieu Crab paste crispy tofu, sautéed tomatoes with thin rice noodle. 蟹膏米粉()    (Hanoi) Crab soup The crab we use is the rice field crab from Vietnam. The crab comes to us crushed whole and we use egg to reconstitute the crab from the liquid mixture after the shell is removed.
new soup

47. Canh Bún Crab paste, cooked pork blood, tofu, morning glory, large round rice noodle. 湯 瀨 粉 蟹膏,豬紅,炸豆腐湯瀨粉  (Saigon) $7.50 large only

A totally new soup for us and we know you will love it. A unique taste that will leave you wanting more. Even the cooked blood takes on a great taste in this new broth.
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