PHỞ  NOODLE SOUP  牛肉粉             Pho comes with fresh bean sprouts, lime and basil  that you can add to your soup. You can ask to have your bean sprouts cooked


Pho originated in northern Vietnam and spread to southern and central Vietnam in the mid-1950s

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Bn có th t chn nhng th . Tái,Nm ,chín,Gu ,Gân ,Sách ,vè dòn và bò viên cho tô ph đc bit cho riêng bn -

Create your own bowl pho with the following toppings Rare beef, flank, brisket, tendon, tripe, fatty flank, crunchy flank and meat balls-


15. Ph Đc Bit Special Pho, rare beef, well done beef brisket, tendon, tripe and beef balls        特別牛肉粉

16. Ph tái  Rare beef  生灼牛肉粉

17. Ph tái chín Rare beef and well done beef brisket  生灼牛肉,熟肉牛肉粉

18. Ph tái bò viên  Rare beef and beef balls  生灼牛肉,牛丸粉

19. Ph tái sách  Rare beef and tripe  生灼牛肉,牛柏葉粉

20. Ph tái gân  Rare beef and tendon  生灼牛肉,牛筋粉

21. Ph tái ,nm gân  Rare beef, well done beef brisket and tendon  生灼牛肉,腩肉粉

22. Ph tái nm gầu  Rare beef, well done brisket and fatty beef flank       生灼牛肉,腩肉,網油腩粉

23. Ph tái nm sách  Rare beef, beef brisket and tripe   生灼牛肉,腩肉,牛柏葉粉

24. Ph tái nm gân sách  Rare beef, beef brisket, tendon and tripe       生灼牛肉,腩肉,牛筋,牛柏葉粉

25. Ph chín  Well done beef brisket  熟牛肉粉

26. Ph chín bò viên  Well done beef brisket and beef meat balls  熟牛肉,牛丸粉

27. Ph bò viên  Beef meat balls  牛丸粉

28. Ph không  Pho without meat  凈湯粉

29. Ph tr con  Children’s portion with beef meat balls  小童粉

30. Ph rau   with seasonal vegetables    蔬菜湯粉

31. Ph with beef brisket, crunchy flank, tendon and tripe 牛腩肉,筋腩,牛筋,牛柏葉粉

rare beef lean beef
Rare Beef - lean meat Beef brisket: Lean meat
Beef flank - more fatty Crunchy beef flank
Fatty beef flank Tripe (beef)
Tendon Beef balls
Tendon (beef) Beef balls
Noodle choices 
 Pho noodle   small rice noodle
Pho Rice noodle     Small round rice noodle 
Yellow egg noodle    Large rice noodle
Yellow egg noodle    Large round rice noodle