Hủ Tiếu Saté Bò
Noodle saté (satay)with beef

Coming directly from the City of My Tho in the Mekong delta we bring to you the exciting new taste of a wet noodle dish made from a recipe we obtained in our travels to the region Christmas (2008). We searched for a taste we believe you will find as exciting as we did when we found the recipe.

It is a bold taste that is sure to please those looking for a slightly spicy noodle dish that has a pleasing crunch from such ingredients as peanuts, fresh bean sprouts, cucumber, lettuce and tomato. You taste the garlic and lemon grass as you savour the heat of the dish. For those wanting a spicier dish we have our own hot chili sauce to boost the heat. This would be a great dish to break out the beer or an iced drink.

Eating suggestion: I would suggest you mix up the ingredients so you can have the pleasure of tasting them as you eat the dish. The coolness of the cucumber and the acidity of the tomato are a great balance to the spice of the dish. I found that this is at least a three tissue dish as it can get messy eating wet noodle dishes. It is worth it so dig in.


A view of the noodles showing the meat and peanuts


Close up showing the lean beef and the savory sauce.
You can also see the bean sprouts.