Dinner 晚餐 
Served    3:00pm – 12:00pm


D1. Bánh Xèo  Vietnamese pan fried crepes made with rice flour, water, turmeric powder and coconut milk (stuffed with slivers of pork, shrimp, and bean sprouts)  越式煎薄餅   (Saigon)

"I love Vietnamese crepes and here it’s a crispy sunburst of turmeric, rice flour and coconut milk, flecked with pork and shrimp. Fresh basil, cilantro, and a daikon and carrot salad add contrast and you can add them to bean sprouts inside the fold. Loved it."
BY MIA STAINSBY, Vancouver Sun

We can make most dishes less or more hot, so please tell us when you order


Chicken salad D2. Gi Gà  Chicken breast salad made with white cabbage, roasted shallots & peanuts  雞絲沙律     (Hanoi)


D3. Gi tôm , Đu Đ Xanh  Tiger prawn and green papaya salad with roasted shallots and peanuts  ,青木瓜沙律     (Mekong delta)

Shrimp salad




D5. Gà kho gừng  Ginger chicken  薑片炆雞

D6. Gà xào xả ớt  Lemongrass chicken with chili   香茅辣椒炒雞

D7. Cà ri gà  Chicken curry 咖哩雞

D8. Thịt heo kho tàu  Braised pork and egg cooked in coconut juice  

D9. Bò xào sate  Beef satay  沙嗲牛肉

D10. Bò xào dầu hào  Beef stir fried in oyster sauce  蠔油炒牛肉

D11. Bò tái chanh  Special raw beef in lemon juice  青檸生牛肉


Pork and eggD8 Beef stirfry  D10