Chicken soup - Phở gà

Maybe not the cure for the common cold but it is the cure for the common hunger
The broth

We offer you a fresh bowl of great tasting chicken soup that is made from scratch by us for you to enjoy. No pre-packaged stock here, we start with fresh chicken that we boil with our blend of ingredients (one is a secret that gives the soup its special flavour) that results in a clear low fat tasty broth that serves as a base for a couple of our soups.

The Noodles

The noodles we use are the same one as the beef Pho; the small square noodle that slowly soaks up some of the broth as you eat. It is a easy noodle to pick up and it has a nice texture.

chickesoup3.jpg The Chicken

The best part of this soup has to be the chunks of white meat chicken we place on the top of the soup for you to see the quality of the chicken we use. Tender tasty low fat chicken is a treat for you enjoy that goes great with the flavour of the broth. The chicken is not from the boiling of the broth rather we use fresh chicken that is full of the flavour you enjoy.

Traditionally the chicken that is used is a different variety that is much tougher and the bones are left on the meat. We made the decision to give you the leanest part of the chicken and to select a more tender type of chicken that is easier to eat. The bones are left out as an added convenience for you as you eat. We could have gone with cheaper chicken meat and left the bones in but we wanted you to have the best tasting chicken soup we could with meat that is a pleasure for you to eat. We think you will agree with our decision.

Lastly we add thinly sliced onions and cilantro to add to the great flavours of the soup.


As with our beef pho this dish comes with a side dish of fresh bean sprouts, basil and lime. Please see the page on Pho for more detail on the condiments and how they are used.

Eating suggestion (for those who like it hot)

My favourite way to enjoy this soup is to start with just enjoying the flavours in the soup then about halfway through I love to add some of our homemade roasted chilli oil to spice things up. The heat that this adds quite a bunch to the soup that warms this eater up. This soup certainly a healthy way to enjoy the great flavours of chicken soup; just like mother hoped she could make.